International Workshop on Computational Argumentation and Cognition

International Workshop on Computational Argumentation and Cognition


COGNITAR 2020 is a new series of International Workshops whose purpose will be to help investigate the interaction between Computational Argumentation in AI with the study of Cognition in Cognitive Science and Philosophy. The aim is to promote and allow this interaction to inform the development of AI systems so that these systems are more attuned to a natural human-like behavior.

In recent years, after a period of partial fragmentation of the research directions between the AI and Cognitive Science community, the area of cognitively inspired artificial systems has attracted a renewed attention both from academia and industry and the awareness about the need for additional research in this interdisciplinary field is gaining again widespread acceptance.

Human-centric AI requires systems that are built based on a holistic understanding of the human mind and its various faculties. In particular, we need to understand in a computational way human cognition at its many different levels. Cognition in AI systems will be important at several aspects of their design:

In general, the requirement for such Cognitive AI systems, will be to exhibit a behavior that is cognitively compatible with that of human users and that can, therefore, provide natural and personalized solutions by evolving and learning how to adapt to their human users. The overall goal for these AI systems is to have a natural symbiosis within the human society and amongst them.

Understanding and automating the higher-level cognition involved in carrying out the above general tasks of human behavior, requires a logical formalism that is close to human reasoning as carried out in their everyday tasks. The formalism would need a high degree of flexibility to allow dynamic changes and revision to conclusions drawn. Such a framework is that of (dialectic) argumentation as advocated by Philosophy and Cognitive Psychology for many years and newly supported by recent studies. The main premise is that argumentation is native to human reasoning at large and that it can provide a foundational basis for (higher-level) cognition and thus in turn for human-centric AI.

This workshop will aim to bring together researchers whose interest bridge between AI and other disciplines such as Cognitive Science, Language and Philosophy, to study how computational argumentation can form an underlying theoretical and practical basis for modeling cognition and building human-centric AI systems. The main general questions that will concern the workshop are:

COGNITAR 2020 will be located at the 24th European Conference on Artificial Intelligence and will take place in Santiago de Compostela, Spain, in August 30, 2020.

Please address questions regarding the workshop to the COGNITAR 2020 Organizers (Emmanuelle Dietz, Loizos Michael and Antonis Kakas).

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