gear iconSTAR: STory comprehension through ARgumentation



STAR is a system for automated narrative comprehension, developed on top of an argumentation-theoretic formulation of defeasible reasoning, and strongly following guidelines from the psychology of comprehension.

How to use STAR?

You can use the STAR system by login into the Web-STAR interface and following the instructions there. The Web-STAR interface contains helpful material on how to write STAR files and use the system. In particular, it allows the users to make their stories public and encourage discussion on their representation and automation through STAR. Users who wish can also download the STAR system from here and run this under SWI Prolog on their computer.

Story Repository

A collection of stories that have been studied under STAR together with the data acquired from related psychological experiments with these stories are available here. The whole dataset is available upon request.

Coherence/Revision Schemas

A collection of three sentence stories, designed to test the coherence and revision properties of comprehension, in a standard schema form, following the style of the Winograd Schemas, is available for downloading here.

Beyond Story Comprehension

More information on the general approach underlying STAR and its wider relevance for automated systems of common sense can be found in the Related Publications section. In particular, Cognitive Programming describes how comprehension could form the foundation for a new framework of developing cognitive systems.

Related Publications


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